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The Different Types Of Cat Diseases

June 1, 2010 by  
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DiseasesDiseases affect animals in the exact same way that they affect humans.

Discomfort is never something tolerable and using whatever means at our disposal we eagerly anticipate the time when we feel well again. Any pet lover must know the importance of keeping their pet happy. And when it comes to animals cat diseases can be a stressful inconvenience if you too are battling with illness. Featured in this article are a few cat illnesses and how they can be detected.

Bacterial disease is a common type of illness to both humans and animals. When bacteria builds up in a cats body it can easily trigger bacterial infections. If you feed the cat food that is spoilt or when a cat is injured bacterial diseases can very easily settle in their fragile bodies. Salmonella, TB, tetanus and feline anemia are typical bacterial diseases to watch out for.

Some cat diseases are viral.

Viral diseases are generally transmitted between cats when there is an exchange of body fluid between them. So if there is a cat sick with a viral infection in your neighborhood simple contact with it can get your cat infected. Feline viral respiratory disease, feline distemper and feline infectious peritonitis are viral diseases known to be harmful to cats. However, these are not the only ones.

Against popular belief a mosquito bite can bring about feline heartworm disease. Feline heartworm disease is spread from one cat to the next when an infected cat is bitten by a mosquito and that mosquito goes on to bite another cat. Fortunately this fatal disease can be cured or prevented by specific heartworm medication that is ideally suited for the illness your pet has.

Tick bites are also responsible for causing cat diseases. Lyme disease is a specific type of disease that is passed from animal to animal, particularly from deer and dogs. So just like the mosquito transmits heartworm disease ticks work in a similar manner.

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